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Tailored for your Needs

You are facing a challenge?
We find the perfect solution!
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Developing new and innovative Discord bots is our passion. We know that most Discord servers can’t afford a full priced, custom tailored solution from other companies and want to give those non-profit communities the support they deserve.
Basic bots for as low as 20€

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Zero-priced Consulting

More than 10 years experience in gaming related software projects allows us to find the perfect balance between usabilty and practicability for your needs.
Completely free of Charge

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Professional Support

Your person of contact will always be the respective developer of your bot.
Direct contact for most efficient and fast problem solving

About our Developers

Already created a lot of awesome custom Discord Bots .
Reliable discord bots of remarkable quality solving your every day problems.

We are trained IT specialists for software development with a passion for anything gaming related. Over the year we were lucky to be part of several different gaming communites.
While taking part, contributing and progress these communites we got experienced in what problems they have and how to solve them.

The main goal of is to create awesome Discord Bots, helping and supporting communities is our source of motivation.
We are always looking for challenges
Starting a project is easy, just drop us a message.

Wide variety of possible languages and discord frameworks possible, but our abilities go far beyond that.
Tell us your vision and together we will bring it to life.

Past Projects

Just an excerpt of our customer solutions. Bot

A bot that returns your Rocket League statistics in a generated image via command.
(2500+ servers using the bot) keeps track of your Rocket League Statistics and also allows you to trade safely with other community members


A reputationsystem for the biggest virtual good Trading Server
Trade Central
(10000+ Members)
Trade Central is a place where people come together.
We have free dedicated middleman to make your Trades as safe and nice as possible.
We built a place to make some good friends as well as a little profit.
Everyone is welcome!

Mockit Tournament Bot

To manage automated reoccurring tournaments via Discord
(10000+ Members)
Mock-It is a big Esports Tournament organizer.
Thousands of dollars Prize Money every week.
Featuring games like Rocket League, Overwatch and Disk Jam.


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