FredBoat♪♪ Discord Bot

FredBoat♪♪ Discord Bot

The best music bot on Discord. ♪ Toot Toot ♪
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About FredBoat♪♪

FredBoat is a free Discord music bot that delivers high-quality music to your Discord server. Zero configuration required. Play exciting games while listening to music in FredBoat Music Room!


  • Play high-quality music on your Discord server 24/7.

  • Supports: SoundCloud, BandCamp, Spotify.

  • Export playlists.

  • Play live streams.

  • Shuffle, repeat, and more commands.

  • Dashboard and music room.


  • Play games while listening to music in the music room.

  • New game each day.


  • Available in multiple languages.

  • Server-specific configuration options.


  • Get server information.

  • Do basic mathematical calculations.

  • Check user information on your server.


  • Send a random fun text to your friends on the server.

  • Database of more than 10,000 GIFs to play around with.


This is the premium version of the bot that can be subscribed to through Patreon.

  • Minimal lag.

  • Volume command.

  • Exclusive Patron role on support server.

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FredBoat♪♪ Command List

Popular commands that users of the FredBoat♪♪ Discord bot use most often. Get a full list by doing /help in Discord.


Make the bot join your current voice channel


Play a track or playlist by providing a link or search query


Skip tracks in the queue.


Stop and clear the queue


Change repeat mode

FredBoat♪♪ Bot FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the FredBoat♪♪ Discord Bot.

What is the FredBoat♪♪ Discord bot invite?

The invite for the FredBoat♪♪ Discord Bot is

Is the FredBoat♪♪ Discord bot offline?

The FredBoat♪♪ Discord bot was last seen online, if you are experiencing issues please join their support server and open a ticket for help.

How many servers is FredBoat♪♪ in?

FredBoat♪♪ is in 7,380,000 servers.

How can I add the FredBoat♪♪ Discord bot to my server?

To add the FredBoat♪♪ bot to your Discord server, simply click the "Invite Discord Bot" button on this page.

What is the FredBoat♪♪ bot client ID?

The Discord bot id for FredBoat♪♪ is 184405253028970496

Want to add the FredBoat♪♪ Discord bot to your server? click the button below to invite it.

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