NotSoBot Discord Bot

NotSoBot Discord Bot

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About NotSoBot

multi-purpose meme/tool bot with features like song recognition, searching google, qr code creation/scanning, and background removal

has awesome commands and is free

this bot is mainly used by people for its search (google, images, etc…), image manipulation, and utility commands.

Audio Song Recognition, Image Background Removal, Translation (w/ OCR), Video Conversion are some of the other key features that this bot has to offer.

Server logging is also included, the bot has the ability to log events like member edits/joins, role create/delete/edits, etc… into a channel of your choosing.

google search image editing memes moderation translation

NotSoBot Command List

Popular commands that users of the NotSoBot Discord bot use most often. Get a full list by doing /help in Discord.


Image-Related Commands


Image Text Commands


Image Gif Commands


Search Commands


Tool-like Commands

NotSoBot Bot FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the NotSoBot Discord Bot.

What is the NotSoBot Discord bot invite?

The invite for the NotSoBot Discord Bot is

Is the NotSoBot Discord bot offline?

The NotSoBot Discord bot was last seen online, if you are experiencing issues please join their support server and open a ticket for help.

How many servers is NotSoBot in?

NotSoBot is in 927,000 servers.

How can I add the NotSoBot Discord bot to my server?

To add the NotSoBot bot to your Discord server, simply click the "Invite Discord Bot" button on this page.

What is the NotSoBot bot client ID?

The Discord bot id for NotSoBot is 439205512425504771

Want to add the NotSoBot Discord bot to your server? click the button below to invite it.

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