Xenon Discord Bot

Xenon Discord Bot

Backup, copy, clone, and synchronize your discord with just one command and take advantage of hundreds of free templates.


About Xenon

Backup, Archive, Copy, Clone or Synchronize your discord server with just one command and take advantage of hundreds of free templates.

backups clone copy save templates

Xenon Command List

Popular commands that users of the Xenon Discord bot use most often. Get a full list by doing /help in Discord.


Choose from thousands of free server templates


Manage Xenon internal settings for this server


Save, load and manage your clipboard (similar to ctrl+c & ctrl+v)


Get a list of commands or more information about a specific command


Create, load and manage your server backups

Xenon Bot FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Xenon Discord Bot.

What is the Xenon Discord bot invite?

The invite for the Xenon Discord Bot is https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=416358583220043796&permissions=8&scope=bot%20applications.commands

Is the Xenon Discord bot offline?

The Xenon Discord bot was last seen online, if you are experiencing issues please join their support server and open a ticket for help.

How many servers is Xenon in?

Xenon is in 2,130,000 servers.

How can I add the Xenon Discord bot to my server?

To add the Xenon bot to your Discord server, simply click the "Invite Discord Bot" button on this page.

What is the Xenon bot client ID?

The Discord bot id for Xenon is 416358583220043796

Want to add the Xenon Discord bot to your server? click the button below to invite it.

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